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Pretty Poppies Vintage

Hi everyone!

This week I present you Pretty Poppies Vintage Shop.

Amy R. started on Etsy in 2015 and she is obsessed with the style and beauty of old stuff. She put her heart and soul into this shop.

Her favorite part about living vintage is the thrill of the chase. And she really try to recreate that experience online.

Her goal is that every piece can put a smile on every customer's face every time they walk by it.

Vintage 1950's Fujita Kutani Hand Painted Tea Set

Why an Etsy Shop?

Amy is very passionate about vintage stuff because her father was a picker. Amy and her brothers started on day trips with her father when they were very young.

She has a special memory when she was 3 about a trip they took to the dump. Amy and her brothers learned everything with their father about antiques, collectibles, furniture restoration, and above all, how to look for beauty in a pile of trash.

Her father always wanted his own shop but instead settled on bartering and trading from his garage. After he died Amy and her brothers were left with a garage full to the brim with stuff. They needed the space but they didn't want to just donate all those things. So, Amy started her shop as sort of a homage.

She love that instead of sitting in a dark garage these treasures are being re-homed to someone else who loves them.

What a great homage she is doing to her father, don't you think?

Why Pretty Poppies Vintage?

Amy works at an hospital and one night she was doing a shift on a patient watch trying to brainstorm names. Wizard of Oz was on. Her family always had a weird thing with talking like the wicked witch about the poppies, so the name of her store just fit with it.

What can you find at her Etsy Shop?

Vintage 1950's Fujita Kutani Hand Painted Tea Set

You can find any type of vintage goods. You can sift through the pages not knowing what's coming next. And that's the magic behind Pretty Poppies Vintage. Her shop is a mish mash of just about everything. Amy also tries to keep the prices low because she believes that part of buying and enjoying these pieces is knowing that a buyer don't have to spend a fortune to have something special at home.

Curious?! Now you have to take a look here.

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How to Start an Etsy Shop - 10 Things You Need to Know

Do you want to open a EtsyShop? There are a few things that you need to know.

When I opened My Etsy Shop in August 2015 I didn't know anything about having an online business. In matter of fact, I remember myself to open the google and write "How to start an Etsy Shop" and I should tell you that I found lots of things. Some of them were very useful, but others were just a waste of my precious time.

Hand Painted Henna Tambourine

There is a thing called learning curve on Etsy and I'm still learning everyday.

But let's go strait to the point: What we all want to know is how to be successful on Etsy and do the right things, since the beggining.

Today I'm gonna reveal my best tips to you.

Do Your Research

Make a quick search on Etsy triyng to find smilar products. Check their prices, their photos and descriptions. Are they selling? What is the differentiating factor in your product? Would your items meet a need? Do you know your product? Have you tested it? It fulfills what it proposes? If you know all the answers to these questions, maybe your are ready to start.

But most important: If you were entering into a store and see your product, you would buy it? If your answer is "Yes", you are ready to start. If your answer is "No", you should test your product again and improve it before starts to sell it to someone else.

Organic Handmade Henna Cones

Choose Your Shop Name

Try to choose a name that reflects your concept, not just a product. There are 1.7 milions of active sellers on Etsy. What makes you different? Think about a name that can be easly related with your brand, your image and your special concept.

Select the Payment Methods

Most of the people buy by impulse. If you give them all the possibilities that you can, it can lead you to a sale easier. Acepting Credit/debit cards, PayPal and Etsy gift cards is mandatory.

Cover Photo

The Cover photo is the first image that your potential buyers will see. Choose wisely. You can share a photo that reflects your technique or simply introduce your shop and give some valuable informations to the visitors, by combining images with text.

Shop Title

The shop title is a very short resume of your business. Once again, choose your words carefully, as they can influenciate a potential buyer to keep looking at your shop.


Your announcement should highlight what your store can offer to people. You main objective is to catch the attention of the visitors and make them feel curious about your work. The announcement can also be used to give important communications to your buyers or link them to your social media profiles.
Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace

About Section

Write about your store. Tell people who you are and let them know about your passion. What made you choose the name of your shop? What kind of techniques do you use? This gives confidence to potential buyers if they know that there is a human being behind the business.


It's very important to have policies at your store for buyers protection and for your own protection. Remember that people don't know you. It's important to customers to be informed about what they can count when buying at your shop.

Listing Your First Items

Having an Etsy Shop is not like listing items at eBay and wait that the sales starts to flow. Your Etsy Shop will require your compromise, even more than you think. Prepare yourself to work the double or the triple of what you can imagine if you want to succeed.

Take good photos and add 5 photos to each listing. Create great descriptions. Don't forget to describe the measurements of your item. Remember that people are not seeing your items in person and they need to know exactly what they are buying.

Hand Painted Henna Candles


Read about SEO. This is Oh-so-important to do!  I recommend you to use Etsygadget, Etsy Rank or Marmalead. There you can search for terms and check the position of your items on Etsy. Also, you can see suggestions of tags to your items. I used to have 5-10 views per day and since I made some changes I have 70-100 views per day and sometimes more.Try also to use a few two word tags. It really helps. Plus, your tags have to match with your titles.

Plus, don't forget to read the Etsy Seller Handbook. Etsy gives you valuable informations to start your business online.

So, are you ready to start?

Click here to open your shop and we will get both 40 free listings.

Be brave! Put your dreams into reality and enjoy the process.

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